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F.N.U. vs P.L.

M.A.N. 2Edit

Massive Assault Network 2 is a 3D think-based strategy game based on an original Secret Allies concept, where rivals struggle for global domination in a fascinating sci-fi environment. It is simple to understand, yet difficult to conquer, and most importantly, it is very addictive.

Massive Assault Network 2 Update Released thumb|288px|rightEdit announces the release of a new Massive Assault Network 2 update featuring two new maps – Aurora and Demoland (available for demo-players) - and several gameplay tweaks and fixes.

Aurora. With its polar glows, you could endlessly keep admiring the ever snowy Aurora. But you’ll hardly find a spare minute to do that. Miles of vast flatlands encourage you to prepare for massive assaults by your opponents and at the same time help you fully employ your tactical abilities. A huge harbor in the center of the continent will let you engage in epic naval battles, and on this planet, gaining control over the water zone is no less important than terrestrial domination

  • Aurora
  • Demoland

Demoland. Have you ever fancied spending a week or two on peaceful islands located somewhere in the middle of nowhere? Bask in the sun on sandy beaches or take afternoon nap in shady lagoons? Then DemoLand is the ultimate choice for you… However, you won’t find peace there as the planet is torn by ruthless conflict between the League and the Union. Never-ending battles for superiority take place both on land and sea meaning the perfect balance of naval and land forces becomes the key to success.

Newest unit and planetEdit


The Bullfrog is the League's unique super-unit developed in secret labs. Its firepower cannot be rivaled by any of the Union's ground units. The Bullfrog can fire two different weapons during the same turn either at different targets or concentrating both weapons at one target. In addition, it has a tremendous number of Hitpoints, making it the best ground shock unit. A single Bullfrog can invade and capture a small Neutral country, destroying all Guerrillas. The only disadvantage of Bullfrogs is that UPSs or Transport Copters can't transport them.
Th2 a bullfrog2

A Bullfrog

Hitpoints: 11
Movement: 2
Damage 1: 2
Damage 2: 3
Range: 2
Price: 6

New ParadiseEdit

Map new paradise

New Paradise

Size: Large

Number of countries: 27

Avaiable cities: low, medium, high

The largest planet of original Massive Assault.

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