Vultures have the highest mobility. They may move to and stay in any 'passable' spot on the ground or at sea. They can be used as shock troops attacking slow enemy units at a distance as well as perform saboteur operations. They can easily jump over enemy lines to their rear, hunt enemy
  • A Vulture
transports and capture capitals. Vultures can fly over mountains and other types of impassible terrain, and rough terrain or forests do not slow them down. However, Vultures are very vulnerable - they have only three Hitpoints. They are useless for long-lasting frontal battles and can be easily shot down by enemy Rocket Launchers, Heavy bots, Megabots and Warships. This unit is the P.L. substitute for the unique F.N.U Attack Copter and can be employed only when playing with Extended Unit Set.
Hitpoints: 3
Movement: 4
Damage: 2
Range: 2
Price: 3